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Our Techniques and Approach to Plumbing


Our Techniques and Approach to Plumbing

Bending over and gratuitous skin exposure aside, a true plumber in Brussels is a craftsman at work. The best pipes are laid with the consideration of water usage, time of usage, pressure, temperature, humidity and a lot of other factors. You know when a master plumber is at work when he does more than clear the pipes under the sink but create a network of pipes that last longer than people realize.

So how do we manage our plumbing installations? Take a look:

  1. We inspect the site and/or design the system.

Plumbing is essential but it usually has to work around existing structures. A plumber who gives an estimate without seeing what he’s going to be working on is pulling your leg. While we cannot lower the cost beyond a certain point, we need to be able to have all the information to be able to give you the closest estimate.

  1. We give a rough estimate with the best information.

Most of a Brussels plumber’s work is finely-calibrating the product of his craft. With plumbing, the pressure, water volume, outside pressure and other factors have to be fixed or met while you’re laying the pipes. This means your artisanal plumber has to test his work all the time and adjust. Anything else is pipe laid down in hopes of working for a few years. This is why plumbing estimates are mostly still rough—they won’t know until they test it—but there are numerous guidelines that can help plumbers arrive at the best amount—and it’s free for everyone to see.

  1. We try to fit to standards and the same pipes as best we can.

Most of the time, the difficulty comes in fittings. Since there is no standard for Brussels plumbers but there are lots of different sizes and materials, clients and even plumbers can have trouble with both the seen fixtures and the parts that are hidden from the home owners. But a true craftsman knows which products and materials work best with what and always presents a solution whenever a client asks.

  1. We use fixtures appropriate to your water pressure.

Most of the time, the reason fixtures like taps and other bathroom extensions break is because the water pressure is too strong. This means the material used doesn’t fit your system and you have to replace it after a few years of use. Good plumbers know if you need brass or steel and the thickness of the pipes as well as the material for your bidets and fixtures.

  1. We think years ahead and the maintenance you would need for your system.

We always advise our clients that we can make your system much cheaper but it would require more maintenance than a sturdier plumbing design. We also make sure that your drainage is properly ventilated so air doesn’t clog up your pipes and create damp and mould to further destroy them in shorter time.

Every plumbing project is different since every home is unique. Even if it’s a row of the same houses in a compound, the water pressure decreases from the source and the temperature changes based on how the house gets sun. A true plumbing artisan or Brussels plumber can take all of these into consideration and create systems that work for years on end.

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