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Your Belgian home improvement general contractor

A lot of home improvement companies would tell you that they want to fix your house, apartment, bathroom, kitchen, living room or garden because it’s their goal to provide top-quality service. While we think that understanding your needs and specifications are of the utmost importance, we strive to give something more.

What we propose is that we offer our experience passion, expertise and craftsmanship to your project. As general contractor we don’t do it just to give you the best services—we want your home to be a testament to our hard work and artistic prowess.

Before we are contractors and service providers, we are craftsmen and passionate creators. We seek to hone our skills with the latest designs and remain rooted in the strong Belgian fundamentals that make up architecture, carpentry, design and engineering.

Our value proposition:

  • We are craftsmen and passionate creators
  • We work and manage your projects in English
  • We are native Belgians (French and Dutch) with a wide knowledge and network in our sector
  • We are certified Belgian providers
  • We can also assist you in complex administrative tasks related to your project
  • We deliver excellence through craftsmanship and professional project management

So how do we employ our passion and creativity to your home improvement? Here’s how:

  1. Providing top quality. This goes without saying. Our services are top quality by default. You can’t be a passionate craftsman without ensuring that your work is high-quality and world-class. Our home improvement solutions are at par with the best design firms in Belgium but are best suited for your home.
  2. Being artisans through and through. Before we are general contractors, we are artisans. We have a craft, a niche and a wide variety of design strentghs and the skills developed over years of developing our craft. We offer you access to a wide variety of artisans who can produce top-quality results that last and are unique for each client.
  3. Experience. Our collective years’ experience in building, renovation, design and engineering ensure that your home gets the best solutions in the market. We can adapt to any design you want and infuse it with our own aesthetic or the latest trends.
  4. Trust. We value the trust that home owners give us. We understand that you are letting us into your home and letting us become a part of your home’s story. Whether it’s a story about moving on or creating the dream house, you can trust us to deliver work that goes beyond your expectations.
  5. Price. We promise to deliver value and we make sure that you get the best deal for the work we put into your home. Our prices are competitive but ensure that we are compensated justly for the work we do.
  6. Project management. We don’t go into any job without a plan and a strict schedule of deliverables. Every client gets the full suite of services that include project management and feedback. We outline the work on your home as a project and stick to a schedule that we agree on. You get our craftsmanship and creativity on the deadline.

What are our services?

We offer any home improvement solution you want or need for your home. Here are the home solutions we can give—take note that we also entertain special projects for all your design needs:

  • Interior Renovations: We can remodel your bathroom, set up a home office or implement any interior change in your home. Whether it’s a minor or major improvement, we have solutions for you.
  • Building: We can build houses or additions.. Whether it’s a minor or major building, we have solutions for you.
  • General contractors: We us various technique to and methodologies related to carpentry, heating, plumbing, electricity and painting.
  • Roofing. Choose from our extensive array of ecofriendly roofing types that can include metal, asphalt, wood or any other material you wish to use.
  • Windows and Sliding. With virtually endless options for sliding doors and windows, our solutions can add charm, function and beauty to your building or home.
  • Decks and Porches. We can give you the most functional and welcoming entryway in any type of home with wheelchair ramps and other special structures.

We offer way more just call us for a first meeting.

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