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Ceilings: What Homeowners Should Know

Ceilings have a standard of 2,4 metres tall—but this is actually the minimum height. This can still make the room feel small or claustrophobic for some people. Most home owners would like to raise their ceiling or create an effect that makes the ceiling look higher. We’re here to help you liven up and enlarge your room with good ceiling installations.

So how do we liven up your room with better ceilings? Take a look:

  • We can raise the door height. Since we are working with limited physical space, moving lines and barriers around can create the illusion of a taller ceiling. Just replacing a door and raising the top of the door can make your room look loftier.
  • We don’t do 6 metres ceilings because only grand ballrooms need those and in a traditional home—you’re essentially just wasting space.
  • The maximum height for comfortable, living-space ceilings is 3,6 metrest tall—but even that is stretching it. We tend to confine our work to making it 3 to 3,3 metres to give you something spacious but comfortable and not overwhelming.
  • Bathroom ceilings should be low since you need to feel warm, protected and cozy in them. This is the only place where we would suggest lowering the ceiling.
  • Ceilings should not be flat or disinteresting. They should not be too busy, either. We give your ceilings one point of interest or theme so that they aren’t flat or simply signa the top of your head. We can give you real beams, coffers, accent color, a tray, or at the very least a properly scaled crown or reveal.
  • We don’t use soffits. Our contractors work together to make sure that all their designs and implementations don’t interfere with one another or cause other parts of your house to cover up imperfections.
  • The fastest ceiling installations are dry grid frames which are pre-cut and more often ready to install. For standard homes and fittings, this can give you a ceiling in no time. We actually suggest home owners to have this ingenious and sturdy solution in their home. These ceilings are stable, resistant to warping, insect mould, mildew and temperature resistant, made of recycles content and can handle heavier loads than most ceilings.
  • Custom ceilings are always accepted. Give us your concept and how you want your ceiling to look and we can make it happen. We also help clients decide on which ceiling goes best with their homes. Our interior designers and architects can help you decide on something that fits your aesthetic and is structurally sound and durable at the same time.

If you need help deciding right now, here are the most common types of ceilings that you can choose from:

  • Traditional. This always gives a luxurious feel and emphasizes the detail involved in installing and designing the ceiling.
  • Country. This is a cosier, relaxed style that welcomes the home owners back into the abode.
  • Modern. This design works best with the current interior motifs that are coming out and add an interesting twist to the usual urban setup.
  • Coastal. This cheerful and relaxed design is the trend nowadays. It’s interesting but a bit harder to clean.

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