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Carpentry: About Our Techniques

A very good carpenter is also a craftsman, so he has a set of techniques and tools that perhaps only he can understand or apply. Each one has his or her own style but in the end, you want flawless results that stand the test of years to come.

We aim to give you the best craftsmanship in all our projects. Whether it’s finishing carpentry or for your other needs, our techniques are designed to delivery optimal efficiency and the best finish for your home.

Take a look at how we work:

  1. We are always learning. You might ask our carpenters and find out that on their off-hours they are attending classes, skill trainings and other enrichment activities. There are always ways to improve our craft and we constantly seek it.
  2. We never say ‘it doesn’t matter’. With so many things going on while one job is being done, it’s easy to say that the littlest details don’t matter or how the work turns out is random in some aspects. Laying down wooden slats, floorboards, tiles, how flush the corners are with each other—the devil’s in the details and he’ll come knocking if he doesn’t do it right. 
  3. We use the best tools and technology. We understand how the basics of carpentry haven’t changed that much so we stick to the best practices that have been tested through the years. Still, technology has a lot to offer carpenters and we make sure that we take full advantage. With the newest laser tools, cutting mechanisms and cameras, our work has become more precise but at the same time rooted in the fundamentals of carpentry.
  4. We finish the work—down to the final details. Finishing carpentry is meticulous and can sometimes feel like you’re pulling teeth. This happens when the floor isn’t level or temperature changes are messing with the materials. Still, we persevere in providing the best work we can give you. We only hand it over to your as the owner when we’ve finished everything on the punchlist. 
  5. We plan every cut. Our meticulous work may extend the timetable but we make sure that it’s worth it. We have to plan each cut to save materials and make sure that we make less mistakes and waste less time. Sloppy work is borne from projects that aren’t planned and coordinated well.
  6. We don’t expose the end grain. A big part of why finishing jobs fail is because the little things like exposing the end grain of a lot of cornices and materials is observed. Paint won’t stick the right way to wood ends and it will also absorb every bad vapour or liquid in your house if it ever comes into contact. This is why we make sure that the paint job goes on smoothly with enough sanding and cutting.
  7. We make sure we’re on the same page. We don’t like the term ‘dumbing it down’ since it’s you’re right to understand what we’re doing with your home. We want you to know each step we take so you can also easily identify problems in the future. While we are passionate about our craft, we want you to know your house like the back of your hand.

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