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Not a Drop on Your Head or a Rattle With The Wind

Not a Drop on Your Head or a Rattle With The Wind

Weather in Belgium and Brussels can get the sturdiest roof in trouble eventually. Good maintenance calls for yearly roof inspections just before season changes so your house is ready to face the cold, heat, rain, wind and snow.

Most of the time, though, clients and home owners are unaware if their roofing needs maintenance. Even if you do get up there and stomp around, you can’t really tell if there’s a leak waiting to happen or worse, a cave-in. Your gutter may need replacing or the roofing itself needs to be replaced to withstand this year’s rains.

This is why our roofing services are designed to catch every problem and cover every area for improvement that we can do to reinforce your home’s first protection from the elements. Contact us for a free roof assessment. Our team of roofing experts can spot the beginnings of problems that may take thousands of dollars to repair when the damage is extensive. Catching the problems early can save you thousands as well.

Our contractors and teams work all year-round no matter the season to ensure your home’s integrity and keep your family and friends safe. We have experts in every roof type and material, with solutions that fit every budget.

Our team readily complies with all local ordinances and requirements for roof repair and roof integrity

Take a look at our roofing work steps:

  • Thorough assessment. We have experts for each type of roofing material and style. Let our specialists inspect your setup and determine the best course of action for reinforcing or repairing your roof. We take into consideration your budget, the upcoming weather and the condition of your building. Don’t worry—it’s free so give us a call now!
  • Apply for the right requirements and clearances. Major projects need to be registered and have the adequate clearances. Let us handle the paperwork as best we can so we can start your repairs right away. We want to get started on your roofing repair to keep your family safe so let’s work together to finish the clearances. WE seek to give you the most hassle-free repair experience. Our staff makes sure to stay up to date with a variety of laws, including zoning, building permits, and homeowners associations. Your roof will be done right the first time.
  • Gutter inspection. A faulty roof can lead to several problems such as mould in your basement. We can take a look at your gutters and see if your basement has become victim to mould thanks to leaky gutters.
  • Transparent and easy-to-understand process. While we ensure that our work is done right the first time, we make sure that you understand our process and how our repairs are going. We want you to know how your roof functions and how we are fixing it. No question is too trivial. It’s your roof—you have to know everything we’re doing to it.
  • Premium materials. While we take your budget into consideration, we always recommend getting the materials with the most reliable brand and supplier. Our materials providers have been hand-picked and tested through our years of experience as the best in the market. 
  • You inspect all our work. At any point in the project, you are welcome to take a look at how our roofing services are going and what improvements are being implemented to your home. Once we finish, we prefer that you look over all our work and determine if it’s done to your satisfaction.

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