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When you’re looking for a plumbing contractor for your home or building, you want to get the best that your budget can afford. Since you’re depending on an artisan or craftsman to build the whole system from the ground up and implement the right materials that you have no idea about, you need to find someone who is trustworthy, a good craftsman and a shrewd business man.

But how do you determine if you have a good plumbing contractor? The only way to be sure is to look at system’s they’ve done before. The best way to get a plumber is through a referral but if you can’t find that, you can always ask them some probing questions.

Here are some of the best practices that the plumbers who are worth it employ:

  • Individual shutoff valves. When controlling water, troubleshooting or looking for safety measures, individual shutoff valves are key. A good plumbing contractor has fail-safes and ways to deactivate anything that’s broken or can further damage the system. You should be walked through every part of your system and shown every valve and where it leads.
  • Vents aplenty. There are rules and regulation on how far a vent can be from a pipe and how many pipes it has to affect. A good plumber knows that balance can only be created when vents are placed near enough that when a stopper is pulled, only that pipe and that vent are working and the rest of the system acts like they don’t exist.
  • They use the latest techniques founded in long years of apprenticeship. While the old school fundamentals in building plumbing systems apply, good plumbing contractors know when technology is on their side. They are craftsmen and craftsmen need their tools. Your plumber should have a camera and other tools to determine the problems with your system without needing to replace the entire line.
  • Free quotations. This may seem like the norm but the bad plumbers tend to just throw a number out in the open and hope it fits the budget. The best plumbers know that they can only give a rough estimate but a detailed bid and an invitation for other plumbers to pitch is the true sign of a craftsman. They shouldn’t be your only option but they have to make the case that they’re the best option and be able to argue their point.
  • Warranty and liability. Any plumber that asks you sign a waiver isn’t a good one. They have to be responsible for the work since they are the contractor. Good contracts extend to maintenance and a set number of years. Be wary of contracts that ask you to waive plumber liability in certain events.
  • Multidisciplinary expertise. The best plumbing contractors can also take into consideration your heating, insulation and other home systems to improve your drainage and pipes. You can’t become a plumber without knowing how to manage existing systems.
  • Requirements, clearances and permits handling. Standards in Brussels are tight and the best plumbers know how to get the clearances and make things convenient for you.


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