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How to Remodel Your Own Place on a Budget

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How to Remodel Your Own Place on a Budget

Essentially, you can remodel your home on a strict budget if you know how to optimize the construction project and lower your expectations. Keep in mind that the best work and materials do cost more—but there are cheap ways to strengthen and improve your home if you’re willing to make a compromise.

We understand that you may need to have interim repairs and improvements that are immediate compared to the major overhaul that your home requires. There are solutions available for clients who have a strict budget but need to remodel and improve their homes or buildings.

Here are some ways to remodel your home without breaking the bank:

  1. Size doesn’t matter—it’s function.

Make sure that you remodel not based on how small the space is or how big you want to expand your home. Your remodelling process should revolve around the goal that you’re maximizing the efficiency a space can give you. This means using fixtures that perform more than one function as much as possible.

  1. Custom designs can give you savings and more space.

Still, there isn’t much you can do with small spaces. But true craftsmen and artisans can approach your space problem with a problem-solving eye. They can design shelves, fixtures and other parts of the room to perform multiple functions and optimize the space available.

  1. A light tube can filter light from other parts of the house into the darker parts without breaking the bank.

A window (including the demolition job you need to put it in) can cost up to $1500. But a light tube that filters and reflects light from above the ceiling into dark hallways and corridors can cost only up to $150. Good craftsmen can handle this quite well and install this ingenious solution.

  1. DIY with salvaged materials.

Keep in mind that this is optimal only for stopgap measures until you get the money to remodel your house better. You can get dirt cheap light fixtures, bulbs and other materials from Habitat for Humanity resellers and other cheap stores. Contractors, however, usually don’t agree to work with client-provided materials so they don’t assume the liability when something goes wrong.

  1. You can do your own minor demolitions.

If you want to remodel your wooden deck, clients can actually perform the demolition themselves since they don’t need special tools. This can save you as much as $550 in service fees. But you must remember to be careful and prioritize your safety at all times or you might end up paying more for hospital and doctor’s fees than saving on a demolition team.

  1. Consider the long-term costs

You may be stretching your budget now, but you’re saving on future jobs that you might need in the next few months. Try to get sturdier materials if you can even if you need to let go of less necessary components of the remodelling process.

  1. Leftover stock is cheap—ask your contractor

Since a lot of commercial jobs that contractors take up leave a lot of leftover material they wouldn’t use on new clients, think of using them for yourself. You may have to deal with extra time shaping and planning these materials to your spec, it still saves you a lot of money in the end.


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