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Our Remodeling and Renovation Process: Clients and Craftsmanship First

Our remodeling process focuses on what the clients want and how we can apply our skills and craftsmanship to achieve their goals. This is why we use our array of skills and knowledge to solve a problem—which is the remodelling of your house.

So how do we implement our remodelling process? Take a look:

  1. Inspection and Discussion. From the first phone call, we need to start making ideas for how your home would look. At the very least we want a peg or a vision for your remodeling project. If you don’t have one, it’s also best to let us know. Most of the time, resellers just want what’s currently trending in homes so we at least have to know what you’re asking. Site inspection gives us further data to incorporate into our solution for the design that you have in mind. We are always open for suggestions, comments and feedback on the project.
  2. Needs assessment and problem-solving. While a home owner may want a design, their home might have problems that need to be fixed first before anything aesthetic can be applied. This is where we present the problems we found and the possible solutions. We believe that every technical issue and remodeling process can be explained to the client—we’re happy to make sure you understand what the fixes entail. Based on your choices and our recommendations, we can give you the rough estimate of the project cost.
  3. Design and planning. We review the site again and see what components have to go and be replaces or what others can be recycled or reused to cut costs. We determine which sections have to be demolished as well. We have to determine our scope of work and start writing and drawing up a design that will make your vision a reality.
  4. Materials selection. Most of the time, clients can only decide what material, colors and textures they want when they have the selections right in front of them. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of all the choices. Here’s where we sit down and coordinate all the color, texture and pattern choices so that your remodelling project is cohesive and will work together to raise the value and beauty of the space.
  5. Staging. The pre-construction phase sets up our work area and how we are going to demolish the parts of the building that you want gone. We have to set up frames and figure out where the materials can be stored and where you and your family can stay during the construction phase.
  6. Construction. Here is where all the work agreed-upon is implemented. While some issues may definitely arise, this is where our craftsmanship can come in and get the actions out of the way quickly. You may be staying at home while the remodelling is underway or staying at a hotel or at a friends’. Whatever the situation, you are always welcome to stay, inspect and watch us work—it’s your house after all. We welcome questions, inquiries and other things you might want to know about our work.
  7. Turnover and feedback. Once all the renovation, building and painting are done, we let you inspect the work, evaluate it and decide if it’s ready for turnover.

Some words about our renovation Methodology and Techniques:

Belgium and Brussels has strict laws and ordinances regarding renovation and home improvement. We adhere to all these laws and at the same time make sure that you get the best design, craftsmanship and engineering for your new home project.

But before you even think about engaging our services, take a look at our renovation methodologies and techniques. This can give you a clear picture of how we do things before we even start designing the home improvement project for you.

Here’s how we implement any renovation in your home or building:

  1. We minimize dust and debris. Our first concern is to always minimize the inconvenience and keep everyone (including you and your neighbors) safe. This is why all our processes are designed to reduce the dust from our work or keep it confined within the project area.
  2. We handle the clearances and requirements. We’re the ones who best know the legalities your home improvement project needs for compliance. Let us handle the details and the paperwork so we can get started on the project immediately without hiccups.
  3. We design for greener homes. ‘Green’ isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a must-have for every home. While the materials costs and techniques to create an energy-efficient home is high, the ROI is also massive. You can recoup losses in energy savings and smaller carbon footprint and wastage. We also make sure that the environmental-friendly designs are sustainable and last just as long or even longer than traditional structures.
  4. We optimize your budget and your space. No matter how small the space or budget, we can fully optimize them both for your project. We believe in designs that make the most of your space and at the same time breathe life into a room.
  5. We maximize the materials. We strive to use every bit of material that’s part of your project. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical to strive to build a greener space when we don’t even have the sense to make resources count.
  6. We design to your aesthetic. While we can suggest designs, you are still the one responsible for choosing what you would like best for your home. Our renovation services also cover complete construction from design to finishing if you feel that you want us to go that far and handle everything.
  7. We want you informed and aware of what we’re doing. Carpentry has its own jargon and terms that clients may not understand. We seek to make things transparent and are always ready to explain every step of the process to you.

Your home renovation or building improvement isn’t just an upgrade for us. It’s a chance to exercise our craft and refine our art. We appreciate the trust you give us when you let us work on your home improvement project.


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