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Our Demolition Techniques


Our Demolition Techniques

We adhere strictly to the demolition ordinances and laws here in Brussels. We ensure that our clients’ safety and security as well as those of our staff are held at the highest regard. Part of our thrust as artisans and creators is that we help sustain the environment and that our work always makes optimal use of available resources—both new and renewed.

This is why our demolition techniques cover the following:

  • Recycling. To save costs, energy and materials, we try our best to re-use the materials from the demolition for the new project. We make sure, however, that these materials are still viable and can provide long-lasting and reliable structures for you and your project.
  • Excavation. If you need a new structure to be implemented in a certain spot, our team of experts can provide excavation services for all your needs
  • Asbestos Removal. Part of home improvement is the demolition and removal of asbestos since it’s been proven that this material has harmful effects on our health. We can remove bonded asbestos, asbestos is ceilings, removal of external wall sheeting and cladding, removal of roof sheeting and cladding and taking away asbestos lino flooring. We also provide asbestos contaminated soil removal and helping clients make asbestos reports and clearance certificates.

What do we offer you as a demolitions expert?

Our company understands that not all demolition jobs are the same and that clients and home owners must understand the work to be done. Here’s what we offer as a demolitions expert on top of our artisanal and craftsmanship:

  • Prompt and on-schedule demolition process. We make sure that our work fits in with your schedule and starts promptly and ends within a reasonable time frame. We know how stressful taking down structures can be so we ensure that we get things done efficiently and fast.
  • Client awareness and information. We make our process transparent and easy to understand. While we know our craft through and through, it only means something when we can communicate it well to the client. Every step of the process is explained and detailed for you to know exactly what we’re going to do at any given time. 
  • Friendly service. We are always open for questions, inquiries and other requests while the project is on-going. We understand that sometimes changes have to be made and we will strive to accommodate all your changes and requests within a reasonable time frame.

Aside from our thrust to save the environment and minimize our carbon footprint and waste, we also want to use the cheapest but sturdiest materials available for our clients. We are experts in repurposing old shipping containers to suit your new structures or detached building projects.

With our design, craftsmanship and engineering, we can give you new buildings like barns, detached garages, sheds and other home improvement solutions much faster and at cost-efficient rates if you allow us to implement shipping container solutions for your projects.

We can also utilize shipping containers to completely replace old structures. These containers can be repurposed and attached to your existing buildings as extensions and spaces that move seamlessly from one structure to another.

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