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Remodeling Your First Home: Things to Know

Remodeling_Home Improvement Belgium

Remodeling Your First Home: 6 Things to Know

The first thing you need to ask yourself when you want a home renovation so you can move to a newer place or a bigger home is, “Should I remodel?”

With this being your first time implementing major changes in your home, it’s important that you explore the advantages and disadvantages of home renovation. There is still that saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, “ and it’s something that first-time renovators should always think about.

You might think that a building addition isn’t a big deal—and that it might not cost as much as a remodel of the whole house. More often than not, the addition to your home (whether for resale purposes or home improvement) is going to cost almost as much as a smaller house compared to your own—especially if you want a kitchen, bath and other amenities for your building addition.

So before you call a contractor, here are some important things you need know when you’re remodelling you’re first home:

  1. Remodeling is cheaper than moving. Moving costs much more than the house, the movers, the new furniture and the new appliances. You need clearances, permits, taxes and other documents to complete your move to a new address—even more paperwork if you plan to move to a private subdivision or the suburbs. Remodelling your current house to fit your changing needs is cheaper since it’s less costly all around.
  2. Remodeling can add resale value to your home. If done correctly, you get great ROI for home renovation before you put your house up on the market. You may just cover the deposit on the new home you’re eyeing as well.
  3. Remodeling improves your standard of living. Additional conveniences and other new fixtures can raise your standard or living and improve your way of life. A home renovation of an additional bathroom can also decongest the current users and free up more time in getting to work.
  4. Remodeling is inconvenient. Depending on the extent of your home renovation, you may have to leave your house and move out during the duration of the construction work. If you do stay while your house is being remodelled, you have to contend with dust and falling debris! It’s essentialy unsafe to remain at home during a building addition or any major construction work.
  5. First remodeling projects can cause you to overspend and overcapitalize. Unless you have someone trustworthy to handle relating with general contractors, craftsmen and carpenters, you may be in for a project that shouldn’t cost as much as it does. While you have to understand that it’s natural for contractors and suppliers to add markups to their prices but you need to be aware if you’re adding unnecessary components to the construction work. There are best practices and good contractors who can estimate the right amount of materials.
  6. Make a solid decision on what you want for your renovation. As prices currently stand, a kitchen can rack up to 25.000€ while a bathroom addition can go up to 10.000€. Changing decisions can only increase the bill your contractor set or void the project.

Depending on what you want done for your home renovation, you might have to get someone trusted other than the contractor to take a look at what you need.

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