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6 tips to Select a Good Carpenter

 Carpenter Belgium

6 tips to Select a Good Carpenter

When you’re looking for a good carpenter, there are many places to look. While it’s good to always assume that the default setting of these people is to somehow skive off work and give you a subpar job, there are some signs that they are the complete opposite of a nightmare carpenter—meticulous, skilled and professional.

So how do you know if the carpenter you’re looking at is not going to turn out to be a slacker or who might damage your house or give you subpar results? Here’s how to select a good carpenter:

  1. Brussels carpenters are the best if you live in Brussels. Each region or locale has its own laws and regulations when it comes to construction and remodelling your house. These carpenters also know the weather, temperature and the setup of most of the plumbing and electrical systems in the area—making it easier for them to design and implement your project.
  2. Choose among 5 contractors. A big part of a contractor or carpenter’s job is that they have to bid on a project. While it’s not about getting the best deal, it’s about how these contractors can get you the results you want (and possibly more) with their skills and craftsmanship. The cheapest contract fee is not always the way to go since some of these workers can scrimp on materials or use recycled resources for your project. Listen to their pitches and the most detailed one with transparency is usually the best choice.
  3. High deposit demand is always a bad sign—along with pressure to sign the contract. A true craftsman wants his work to speak for itself and doesn’t need to pressure clients to sign the contract early. He goes at the same pace as the client and is open for other bids. He should relish the idea that his pitch and work is the strongest out of all of them—instead of giving you a better deal that just means lesser fees.
  4. Long years of service and experience—with references. Whether the carpenter works in a company or is an independent contractor, their body of work should speak for them. This is why references are so important. Ask these people how the work is holding up, how the carpenter spoke to them and entertained their requests and questions. You might be surprised to see that happy clients are glad to recommend the workers who were good to them even if you call them at any hour of the day.
  5. They sign the estimate before you. A carpenter who puts his signature on the estimate before you is sincere in his bid and thinks that he can pull off the job with the pitch he’s made. Keep in mind that you always have to sign last—not first. A red flag from any contractor is if they get you to sign first. Don’t deal with them anymore since they don’t believe in their work or want to put their name on a binding document.
  6. They have bonding and insurance. Good carpenters and contractors have insurance so both them and their clients can recoup losses and monies when something goes wrong on a project.

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